SATURDAY, OCTOBER 20, 2012 at the Historic Train Depot !
We would like to decorate the Train Depot with family photos. Everyone needs to participate by sending photos to LaJuanta Mattox at or by mailing them to her at
2404 Chester Mattox Road,  Homerville, Georgia 31634. This will be a great time to show off your family. You may choose to send older pictures of your ancestors or of your family today.
Please send pictures no later than Monday, October 8th . You may pick up your photos after the Reunion.
11:00am—Check in. Browse the family  history exhibits, talk to your favorite Mattoxes,  or join in with the ice cream churning.
11:30am—We will have a family business meeting for all, and then be entertained by some of our relatives. If you would like to share your talents, please contact one of the officers.
12:00—Lunch. We will buy the fried chicken from Jimbos. Locals are asked to bring side dishes of casseroles, vegetables, salads, and desserts. Out of town relatives may choose to help out with a monetary donation at the door instead of bringing food.
All donations to help with the rental of the train depot, paper goods, drinks, and mailings/postage will be greatly appreciated !
After lunch, get ready for the delicious taste of homemade ice cream !
Enjoy  a self-guided tour of the Homerville area.

Bring your  whole family of all ages. Renew your roots and discover new branches on your family tree.
Check out the Mattox Family Blog at
Housing locations will be posted there.

Louise Bryant—President--
Lee Mattox—Vice President- 
Norris Mattox—Vice